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Luca Verriti, Chef of the Venetian Hotel Metropole

A cuisine introducing unexpected flavors

Indulge in the exquisite and contemporary Venetian hotel, the Metropole. The environment greatly inspires Luca Verriti, Chef of the Michelin starred restaurant, the MET, situated on the Venetian lagoon. For TemptingPlaces, he has given us the secrets of his cuisine.

Where does your inspiration come from?

From my experiences working as the Chef of Party specialties at the “Gualtiero Marchesi” (two Michelin starred) and the restaurant “Da Vittorio” (three Michelin starred), I came to truly understand the essentials of what it takes to be successful in this field. Every day I come to work, I am presented with challenges. Yet, I always overcome them by thinking outside of the box and from the skills I have attained over the years.
I also come from Friuli heritage, which has been another source of inspiration due to my family traditions.

What does your typical day look like at the Metropole?

The alarm goes off at 7:30am. I then begin my research to find quality products (fruits, vegetables, meats, fish) and then I join my team at the restaurant. I make sure everyone is doing okay, and then I start working on the menu and begin formality checks. After we finish serving lunch, I stay in the kitchen to experiment with new dishes. Our dinner service begins once the sun sets behind the lagoon. It creates a unique and magical atmosphere in our restaurant. I then head home around 11:30pm.

What are your signature dishes?

My first signature dish is called “A tribute to art.” Itis a desert that is prepared right in front of the guests at their table.
My second signature dish is called “Elephant ear.” That dish is inspired by the great Chef Enrico Cerea from the “Da Vittorio” restaurant.

What ingredient or product do you like to cook with?

I absolutely love cooking with rice in all its forms. On our MET menu, we recommend the red radicchio risotto and black cuttlefish. It is a starter where Carnaroli rice from the Pô delta meets black cuttlefish and red radicchio from Treviso.

How does Venice inspire your cuisine?

The small city of Venice is influenced by many different cultures. It is a nice environment to discover a mix of cuisines. Upon entering the Metropole Hotel, you become enraptured by the inviting and baroque atmosphere. This ambiance has inspired my creativity and nourished my desire to create more exquisite and unique dishes.

Do you like to travel?

Since I am working a lot, it is hard for me to travel as much as I would like to. But I always take advantage of going back to my home town, the Carnie (Friuli), whenever I get the chance.

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