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Magic Suites

Magic, gleaming, sumptuous... Here are some of the ingredients for a great stay in one of the finest boutique hotel suites!
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Inviting art into boutique hotels

From La Rochelle to Rome, from Bodrum to Buzios, some hotels have chosen to showcase their magnificent works of art by dedicating specific rooms and galleries
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3 best hotel breakfasts

No more craving, we selected 3 boutique hotels with breakfast to die for...
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Where to travel in April, May and June

Enjoy the zen atmosphere and sandy beaches of Vietnam but also in Europe experience great heritage in Croatia and South of France.
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"60 unique destinations, the most beautiful selection of boutique hotels throughout the world" - Laurence Onfroy - Ed Eyrolles 2014 - French edition.

A unique and first of its kind book about boutique hotels!
The work unveils genuine inspirations for discerning travelers seeking exceptional hotel experiences. TempingPlaces divulges a curated selection of sixty unique boutique hotels, each showcased through different inspirations : design, romance, ultimate luxury, spa & wellness and eco-chic.

Readers will discover and enjoy exceptional experiences throughout the book: a fairy-tale universe in the heart of Paris, an eco-resort on a private atoll in Tahiti, a chic and design hotel in Shanghai, a contemporary Tunisian eco-lodge at the outskirts of the Sahara desert, an art gallery hotel in Brazil...
This gem chest of future travel destinations is complemented with pragmatic and personal advise of the author, Laurence ONFROY, herself. How to get there? The best travel seasons ? Nearby sights?

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TemptingPlaces is the leading collection of extraordinary boutique hotels in the world. The brand signature comprises 105 hotels in 31 countries, selected for their service, authenticity and unrivalled unique experiences.
As a member of our Travellers Club, you benefit from Exclusive Advantages while booking at the Best Available Rates. You may also discover our exclusive offers in our special section. Our Concierge service is also there to guide you in your choice of hotel and secure your VIP recognition status with our member hotel. VIP advantages are detailed on each hotel brochure in the section “Tempting Advantages”. You will find the details of a description of the Booking Advantages in our online hotel descriptions and also in our online booking system when checking rates and availabilities. We guarantee the Best Available Rates while including the exclusive advantages. We also design special package and promotion only available on our website.
TemptingPlaces’s team travels throughout the five continents devoting all of its energy to choosing only the finest boutique hotels that meet our strict selection criteria. We visit every hotel in the collection so that we evaluate the customer’s experience in order to garantee every guest a life enriching exprience. Each boutique hotel consists of no more than 100 rooms, providing its guests with a distinctive style and atmosphere, and is selected for itsUnique Experience as a key criterion. Common features are, of course, the delivery of a high quality service, personality, attention to details, and refined cuisine. There will be something for each and every guest, no matter what their demands or expectations are, be it a dalliance with local culture by sleeping under canvas, swimming amidst the skyline of buildings, matching the colour of the room with your mood, communing with nature by enjoying the thrill of releasing baby turtles into the sea, or participating in the delights of local cuisine.
TemptingPlaces is an independent collection that makes sure its member hotels pass stringent requirements to guarantee the quality and exclusivity of the collection. 1/Character and personnality We believe that boutique hotels have their own personality because they are thought to give guest emotions. We are looking for the spirit of the owner behind any specific service or design. We are seduced by passionate hoteliers who are willing to share their vision about reinventing hotels and customers’ experiences. 2/ Experience & atmospheric emotion Boutique hotels are disruptive with standard and codes of classic hotels. We are looking for individual boutique hotels that offer an “out of the ordinary experience” and a special architecture and design. 3/ Personalised services One of boutique hotels’ value-added offerings is the feeling of exclusivity and being part of a vibrant scene. We also appreciate the value brought by the services proposed on a complementary basis (wifi, minibar, breakfasts, honesty bar. More than a room, we look for the home away home feelling. No standardisation. 4/The size Boutiques hotels are by definition small and intimate ones, that is the reason why none hotel in the collection is more than 100 rooms. 5/Local flair & great location The sense of place is key in our philosophy and values. Whether boutique hotels are located in trendy neighborhoods of sophisticated urban destinations or in immersive and exceptional resort destinations, we attach also a great importance to their involvement in their local, social and cultural environment.