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Inviting art into the boutique hotels

Private exhibitions of antiquity, contemporary art and sculptures

Masterpieces such as paintings, sculptures, and other works of art can be found in the most beautiful boutique hotels. From La Rochelle to Rome, from Bodrum to Buzios, some hotels have chosen to showcase their magnificent works of art by dedicating specific rooms and galleries.

Contemporary Design in La Rochelle

Established in the 17th century, La Monnaie is a modern hotel located only a couple of feet away from the old and historic port of Rochelle. Once you step inside the chic and contemporary boutique hotel, you will find several works of art that have been hand-picked by the owner, Sylvette Lebeau. Thoughtfully chosen, each piece contributes to the cozy and warm atmosphere. Works of art include pieces from Helene Jousse (sculpture) and El Peon (panting and graffiti), adding another layer of intrigue to the contemporary atmosphere. The boutique-hotel honors modern art, especially through their exhibitions that the hotel organizes. If you are in search of charm and character, La Monnaie will exceed your expectations.

Private Gallery in Rome

In the romantic city of Rome, a restored 19th century building has been converted into one of the most refined and esteemed hotels thanks to the Gallery of Mucciaccia. Upon entering into the First Roma, you will instantly be immersed in the luxury and authenticity of the boutique hotel. In addition to its authentic charm, more than 150 contemporary works of art decorate the lobby, hallways, bar-restaurant, and suites. The artists who have given life to the hotel include Alessandra Amici, Brigita Huemer, Carlo D’Orta, and many more. Inside, pieces from the 19th century mix with different contemporary works of art. With every new exhibited piece of art, the hotel First Roma transforms the stylistic atmosphere before your eyes.

Artistic Residence on the Turkish Riviera

The incredible art collection of the Büyükkuşoğlu family, owners of Casa dell’Arte, display magnificent Turkish paintings with a collection of around 200 works. A wide range of pastel and turquoise paintings come from local artists all the way from the antiquities to the middle ages to today. The historic paintings transform the boutique hotel into a magical place filled with wonder. In addition, two times a year, Casa dell’Arte hosts local Turkish and international artists (including Yalin Hali and Kadir Akorak) who display their works of art and interact with the guests. Refined and comfortable, these 12 suites of the Casa dell’Arte are little museums, immersed with pastel and turquoise colors. In reality, Casa dell’Arte is much more than a boutique hotel; it is a museum filled with Turkish grandeur.

Brazilian Art at the Beach in Buzios

In Brazil, the white sandy beaches are a beautiful source of inspiration. Located above the ocean, L’Insolito offers views that will take your breath away. The inspiration for the 24 charming Mediterranean bedrooms come from works of art, artists (including Hugo França, Elma Chavez, Claudia Andujar, André Diniz ou Juliana Llussa) and themes such as, art, pictures, fashion, and cinema. Through these beautifully unique rooms, art comes to life through the touch of Brazilian design. Thanks to Emmanuelle Meeus of Clermont Tonnerre, the sophisticated bedrooms become art galleries in themselves. L’Insolito is an escape into an oasis of tranquility and charm.

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