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Dive into Jamaica’s water sanctuaries

Jamaica’s exotic waters are a dream come true

Dive into your next adventure in Jamaica, where water activities overflow with possibilities. Choose from climbing waterfalls, exploring underground lakes, rafting down rivers, jumping into water holes or relaxing on the most beautiful, crystal-clear beaches. Discover our 4 top reasons to go to Jamaica this winter!

Dunn’s River Falls

Start off your water-filled vacation by climbing waterfalls. These waterfalls consist of flat, giant, natural platforms that allow you to climb them like stairs. It can take anywhere from 1-1.5 hours to climb. Along the way, explore multiple lagoons surrounding the falls. Dunn’s River Falls eventually pours out onto white sandy beaches into the Caribbean.

The Green Grotto Caves

Named after the green algae that covers the caves, this hidden treasure is a sight to see! Located on the north coast of Jamaica, the Green Grotto Caves have a long history. The Arawak Indians are the first known inhabitants of the caves because they’ve left behind pottery fragments and adzes. As you journey through the green caves, you will find in the innermost cavern, a crystal-clear underground lake. Adventure off the beaten path and visit this enchanting underground body of water!

Rio Grande and Martha Brae River

For a more exhilarating love affair with water, raft down either the Rio Grande or Martha Brae River on bamboo rafts. The Rio Grande is one of the largest rivers in Jamaica. Both rivers offer magical scenery as you experience an exhilarating and thrilling ride.

Blue Hole

Jump into a body of water so blue, your eyes won’t believe it until you see it. Situated close to Dunn’s River Falls, the Blue Hole is tucked away and takes a little longer to get there. Yet, it is completely worth the journey. After admiring the bright blue pool, you can either jump in at 6 feet high or swing from a rope into the infinitely deep blue pool!

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