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Fancia, a Chef full of talent

Chef of the VVG B & B hotel in Taipei

She takes inspiration from her trips, particularly in Europe, to put together a balanced menu combining Asian flavours and European influences. She gives us away a few examples of her amazing menu...

Fancia, chef at the restaurant of the VVG B & B hotel in Taipei, draws inspiration from her trips, particularly in Europe, to build a balanced menu combining Asian flavours and European influences.

A talented chef with bold recipes!

Fancia manages two restaurants in Taipei: the VVG Table and VVG Bistrot. Having a meal at one of Fancia’s restaurants is a delightful culinary experience.

Fancia draws inspiration from travelling. Thailand and Japan infuse the taste of fresh and beautiful ingredients. Her experience in Europe opened new horizons for her to explore. Admiring and  pleasantly surprised by these destinations, she brought back a love for  sweet and sour flavours, not scared  to prepare  some Asian dishes in a European style or vice versa.

Fancia does not forget her Taiwanese cultural heritage; she still enjoys shopping in the traditional markets. She likes to use and exploit the local and seasonal ingredients.

Let’s not forget to mention   her favourite products: fresh herbs, which accompany most dishes, onions are her favourite despite the fact that they always leave her in floods of tears!

With a team of about 40, Fancia loves the contact with her team as they learn from one another.

Her philosophy, and that of the restaurant, is to offer a tasty cuisine in which she establishes her brand.

Open more and more to the world’s cuisine

After a hard day, which started around 8:00 am, we find Fancia standing in a quiet corner of a small coffee shop.

There, she works on her recipes, dreaming about them, she imagines the aroma of the ingredients on the crackling fire! It is here where she creates her future recipes!

Fancia cannot live without culinary exploration and therefore, she hopes to travel more and to one day conquer Europe!

Here are some dishes from the VVG Table menu (you can also find some of these recipes on our website under “Chef Recipes”)


  • Parmesan Beef Involtini, prosciutto and rosemary, served with grapes, grapefruit, tomatoes and onion salad. (see receipe)
  • Crispy zucchini flowers garnished with anchovies and beans, served with roasted figs at low temperature with herbs, bacon and feta cheese. (see receipe)

Meat dishes:

  • Leg of duck confit with green tea, served with chicory and rice in green tea and clam sauce with mandarin and juniper berries.
  • Grilled filet of lamb and Mediterranean vegetables.

Fish dishes:

  • Hake fish roasted, mashed eggplants and fennel confit.


  • Caramel rice pudding (see receipe)
  • Caramel Whiskey Pana Cotta (see receipe)
  • Chocolate, toffee and strawberry cake (see receipe)
  • Rich date pudding with toffee sauce (see receipe)


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