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My little India glossary

India's mysteries

Do you know the sari's legend ? Why India is the first tea producer, what's a curry, etc ? To know everything about fabulous India, read our glossary...

The sari, the elegance of Indian women


The legend

The Krishna God promised to the beautiful Draupadi to protect her against her adversaries. When she got involved in a fierce battle, and the victors tried to take her virtue away, they never succeeded in catching her, because the cloth draping her was endlessly long. They just kept unrolling what they used to call sari, in vain!

How to wear a sari ?

The sari is the most typical Indian feminine clothing. I’s is a piece of cloth, more or less expensive, 1.20m high and 5m long. It can even reach a 10m length, becoming very hard to unroll. It has to be worn on the top of an underskirt, the ghara that helps to fix it, and a corsage, the so called choli. There are several techniques to drape a sari, according to the different regions, castes or religions of the wearing woman.

The curry

A curry is a spicy dish, coming mainly from India and the South East of Asia. Usually the 3 most used spices are the turmeric, the coriander and the cumin. The word “curry”comes from the word Tamil “kari”that means “sauce”or from the Bengali word “torkari”, that means vegetable. You can try an excellent fish curry at the Marari Beach restaurant in Allepy, Kerala.


Chai, the Indian tea until the 19th century, England totally depended from China to get the tea leaves, which were already highly consumed by the British.

But Chinese people started to increase the prices and to supply them with lower quality tea. The British took therefore the decision to start introducing the tea culture in other countries, as in India, in the Assam region and in the mountains area that surrounds the city of Darjeeling. Today, India is the first tea producer country in the world. This product has even become one of the essential elements of the Indian economy.
Visit some tea plantations close to the Spice Village in Thekady, Kerala.


photos © Indradi Soemardjan   &  Blackberrylaw

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