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Travel with kids

Our best advices to travel with children

To travel together with kids it's not always easy. Avoid stress, nerves crisis and last minute omissions thanks to the TemptingPlaces kids check-list.


The flight tickets are booked, your children are raring to jump into the pool and play in the waves, and you, you’re already dreaming about your room with a majestic view looking out over the ocean and about all the beautiful moments you’re about to experience with your family…
Sunglasses, sunscreen, that gorgeous bikini you just bought on sale… you`ve already locked your suitcase!
Stop… what about those of your kids? Are you sure you haven’t forgoten anything?
Check this list before you go to help you to organize your trip.

Administrative Details

For children travelling with one of his or her parents

A child that travels with one of his or her parents (or anybody who has official parental authority) has to carry one of the following documents:

– An individual passport ( which all minors, even very small children, can obtain)
– A National ID for all countries that do not require a passport.
In this case, customs authorities may require a document that proves parental legitimacy (family record book or birth certificate for example).

For minors travelling on their own or with another adult (who is not their parent)

Children travelling alone or with a non-parental adult must carry one of the following documents:
– an individual passport: this document is sufficient to allow him to cross the border
– a national ID AND an authorization of territory exit for countries that do not require a passport (countries of the Schengen area).

Certain countries may also ask for other specific documents, so don’t hesitate to consult the country profiles of the foreign ministry.


Visit your pediatrician in advance

Make sure that your children have all the required vaccinations: tetanus, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, whooping-cough and even measles.
If your children take any medication, ask for a copy of their usual prescription and a second copy in English in the case of a chronic or serious disease. Also, educate yourself regarding the possible vaccinations you may need according to your destination. You need to take care of this several weeks in advance, as certain vaccinations must be scheduled 1 month before departure.

You should also request medical prescriptions for typical remedies such as antidiarrheal, analgesics, ect…

Other health precautions before departure

– Because a raging toothache far away from home can ruin vacation for you and your children, be sure to attend annual dentist visits.
– Obtain a European Health Insurance Card if travelling within the European Union (free medical care during temporary stays in Europe).
– The schedule and temperature changes are difficult to endure for children, so don’t forget your first aid kit with all the basic products, adapted to your specific destination.

What to pack

– Sunglasses
– Cap or hat
– Sunscreen: minimum protection for babies 40, 60. However, even if covered by sunscreen, sun is still very dangerous for children: opt for the shade when possible and avoid exposing them to the sun between 12 and 4 pm.
– A good mosquito repellent lotion: children are the most affected by insect bites. For tropical countries, you should look into a foldaway mosquito net for the younger ones.
– A backpack: for Kids Club or family excursions this can be very useful. Don’t forget to include a list of emergency numbers, just in case your child should get lost.

Last advice:
Avoid overpacking, inform yourself about what you can buy on site.

Leisure and activities

It’s pretty well known that children rarely stay calm without entertainment! Here’s some advice to keep them busy during the trip.
– Felt-tip pens, pencils and notebooks for drawing
– Coloring and game books
– Travel games
– Books
– Travel journal to write down adventures (will keep children busy on site and during the trip)
– MP3/DVD player

In flight

Children often don’t do very well with pressure changes during take-off and landing, so, to decompress naturally, allow babies to nurse or give them a bottle. Chewing-gum or candies should work for the older ones.
As the air is commonly very dry in the cabin, don’t hesitate to have children drink a lot, especially babies. Also don’t forget to keep a travel bag in the cabin, with all the main necessities for younger ones: diapers and baby wipes (more than necessary in the case of delays or unexpected stopovers), tissues, changes of clothes for children and for you in the case of an accident, a small blanket or jacket (remember the air-conditioning) and some biscuits if somebody gets hungry.

Think about reading TemptingMagazine`s country files. They`ll give you great ideas to prepare for your stay: Kenya, India, Mexico, Greece…

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