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Geejam Hotel

Portland, Jamaica

A recording studio all for you

A boutique hotel in a tropical paradise

Nestled on one of Jamaica's most beautiful beaches, second from the Caribbean Sea, the Geejam is a luxurious and romantic boutique hotel in harmony with nature. A hideout for famous musicians seeking serenity and inspiration for their music, the hotel offers an exceptionally beautiful atmosphere. Windsurfing, horseback riding, scuba diving, tranquility, relaxation, turquoise waters. This magical place knows how to enchant travelers seeking a luxurious and romantic stay in the heart of nature.


Tempting Advantages

- Complimentary bottle of wine

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The hotel experience

A hideout combining luxury, design, and nature

The hotel's 7 rooms & villas are nestled at the end of a tiny, stone path lined with palm trees, in the middle of a tropical paradise. The property successfully blends top of the line interior design with the stunning natural surroundings. Rooms offer superb teak wood terraces facing the sea as well as state of the art technological comforts...everything has been thought to guarantee you privileged moments of relaxation!

Our first choice goes to the Mento Cabin, which boasts the typical hammock and a stunning view of the forest and sea with a special view over a gorgeous waterfall. The proximity to the paradise around you will make you feel as if you`re in the Garden of Eden.

home The Tempting Experience:

A recording studio all for you

One of the most prized features of Geejam is its unique recording studio! Located in the heart of the hotel, it has welcomed many famous artists such as the Gorillaz, Gwen Stefani, and many more, to record their music. Here, you can book a recording session, choose your favorite soundtrack and record your personal hit! Equipped with top-of-the-line technology, the studio will mix your play-back and harmonize your voice with instrumental accompaniment. You can leave with your own professional album in hand!


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