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Gem Island Resort & Spa

Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia

Help protect the sea turtles

Discover a romantic boutique hotel on an island where time stops

Gem Island Resort & Spa is 20 minutes away by speedboat from the East coast of Malaysia and is situated on a private island. The island is surrounded by water with beautiful coral reef gardens and thousands of small multi-coloured fishes that brush your feet as you swim in the sea! Crystal clear water, 3 private beaches with fine white sand and the ever-present nature on the island make this intimate boutique hotel a true gem, a sentiment reflected in the name of the isle itself: "Gem Island"!


Tempting Advantages

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The hotel experience

One hotel, one island

Gem Island Resort & Spa, with only 44 villas, is a romantic eco-minded boutique hotel with undeniable charm.

The decoration is tastefully inspired by local artwork and is crafted primarily with local resources such as wood or batik. The villas are spread out along the island`s shore and have charming rooms with dark wooden floors and furniture, beds with white suspended mosquito nets, and a lounge area to enjoy a tea or coffee. The bathrooms are equipped with showers and decorated with natural stones in which you can find small fossil remains.

Each villa has a balcony facing the sea... Observe nature and let yourself be rocked into relaxation by the sweet breeze and atmosphere in hanging wicker chairs!

The Water Villas and Premier Villas (on stilts) offer unobstructed views of the sea and neighbouring island Kapas (500m away) where you may observe birds or, if you are lucky, small monkeys as well.

The Hideaway Suites have 2 views: on one side is the picturesque view of Kapas Island, and on the other, the coral gardens and beauty of the open ocean for as far as the eye can see.

home The Tempting Experience:

Help protect the sea turtles

Gem Island also houses a turtle hatchery to protect and grow baby turtles from harsh outdoor conditions. When the small turtles are ready, they are put back in the sea.

Help collect turtle eggs freshly laid in the sand of the beach or if you stay up late at night and the sea is calm, help release the small turtles old enough to face the dangers of adult turtle life on the beach and see them swim away into the sea. If all goes well, the turtles, having swum thousands of kilometers, will come and lay their eggs in this exact same location in 30 years!


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